Lab 2023

Cool stuff in the INI!

Parker Lab 2022 - Back row: Nathan Cremers, Luke Zaabel, Parker Abbott, Lilian Montilla, Hunter Halverson. Front row: Ainsley Rothgeb, Jessica Purnell, Krystal Parker, Victoria Muller Ewald, Jenna Yang.

 Society for Neuroscience Friends of the Iowa Neuroscience Institute Party 2019 - Adler Planetarium, Chicago Il. Kelsey Heslin, Jessica Lewis, Krystal Parker, Ben De Corte, Parker Abbott.

Cerebellar Gordon Research Conference 2019, Les Diablerts Switzerland. Hunter Halverson, Kelsey Heslin, Sean Farley, & Parker Abbott.

Society for Neuroscience Parker Lab Dinner 2018 - Pier Cafe, San Diego. Top: Eric Emmons, Parker Abbott, Kelsey Heslin, Krystal Parker, Ben De Corte, Jonah Heskje, Sean Farley. Bottom: Ben De Corte, Sean Farley, Jonah Heskje, Parker Abbott, Eric Emmons, Kelsey Heslin.

Parker Lab Holiday Party 2018! - Left to Right: Jonah Heskje, Parker Abbott, Hunter Halverson, Jessica Lewis, Krystal Parker, Ben De Corte, Kelsey Heslin.

Bidding our 2018 summer students farewell! - Left to Right: Back Row - Hunter Halverson, Kaitlyn Mesa, Kyle Walsh, Ryan Williams. Front Row - Erin Chang, Krystal Parker, Kelsey Heslin, Parker Abbott, Sophie Nopoulos.

INI summer boating day 2017 - Krystal Parker, Jonah Heskje, Kyle Walsh.